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Poezii Romnesti - Romanian Poetry



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2009-03-26  | [Este texto, tienes que leerlo en english]  

Literary Translation - Translations of classic and original poetry and other materials %Este texto es una continuación  | 

La Fundación El Hacedor (The Maker Foundation), with the support of several cultural associations, including the Panamanian Writer`s Association (Asociación de Escritores de Panamá), proudly announce the celebration of the Arts and Literature Festival of San Francisco de la Montaña, on March 2010, and extend an invitation for everybody to assist:

"In the geographic center of the Republic of Panama, where North and South America converge, there is a small valley where several rivers muster, all of which have their source in the highest points of the Central Mountain Range.

For the unaware and casual visitor it is a modest village of people engaged in country labors, with beautiful springs with exotic names, a delicious breeze blowing down the mountains and an ancient church wherein there rest more than five thousand handcrafted pieces in the most precious woods of the region and set in the most ancient baroque altars of the Continent, some of them painted exquisitely, others coated in films of gold. And the fact is that San Francisco de la Montaña is not just one more place. Beautiful place of perfect nights, where the Lowlands kiss the Highlands, ancient colonial village built on a fascinating history yet unwritten.

In this ineffable place we have planned to carry out in the next month of March, The Arts and Literature Festival 2010. Conceived as a space to share. To muster and gather people. To get new ideas. To amaze and wonder at these marvelous phenomena of nature such as the sunsets, the poetry in the poet`s own voice, the fantasy of theater, or those made-up stories, the beauty in the water springing down, flowing down the mountains in the shape of a river, the magic of music as it is performed live, the impact caused on us by the dance or the trees swaying with the breeze, the traditions of a village that can be the simple but carry within the cultural heritage left by hundreds of generations of men and women who, as we wish to achive in this Festival, have been inspired by the Amazing, the Wondrous.

Now you know. Come in March, 2010 to San Francisco de la Montaña and share with musicians, storytellers and poets, theater artists, painters and photographers, diablos y diablicos (devils and lesser devils), wizards of gastronomy, Masters Handcraft Artisans, kite makers, tale-tellers and many dream weavers."

More Information in Spanish at the webpage of


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