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Talking about his new book of poetry On the skin of the snake

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por [Ernesto R. del Valle ]

2014-11-25  |     | 


By Ernesto R. del Valle.
Photography by. Ramón Williams.

I met the poet Ana Margarita Mireles connected to Facebook and went to greet her. I thanked the poems written on the skin of the snake that had virtually sent me to mail one week ago and so did this rich conversation, unbeatable between the reader and the author.
Ernesto R. del Valle.- Dear Anita. portentous your book, exquisite, difficult so deep, but it is allocating, verse by verse your poetic quality do you play with surrealism with absolute freedom of modernism and neo-modernism?
Ana Margarita Mireles.- Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. I will say that many poets of all those isms have left their imprint.

ERdelV.- poets and poetesses, tell me one thing, what year is it? Recent ¿?
AMM.- There are poems from 18 to now there is the key to your relevance in that regard.

ERdelV.- A totally feminine poetry with hints of subtle eroticism in his verses one sugerible implied femininity they note. tell me how you managed this.
AMM.- do not know. the moment I'm writing a poem is very emotional, never what I will write, or how. rather I hear it, and fixed before it dissolves into nothingness again. The myth of the snake is directly associated in all cultures to awaken the kundalini, the basis of that awaken this sexual energy, if we understand eroticism capabilities attraction between human beings .... all the poems in the book are erotic because they speak of the causes and effects of "loving" interactions, attraction and the repulsion or destruction which are the tanatos.

ERdelV.- Mira. I know that the act of creation is difficult. Feel voices of other people's lives, etc. but what I mean is if longer the book, the issue itself was developed. from its title. I find reminiscences of biblical genesis in terms of the influence of women in the destiny of man.
AMM.- No, when there are already a few poems, as they come, comes the title, behavioral thread is a zone of experiences and a certain state of consciousness that creates and then fixed to share and vice versa ... the influence is mutual

ERdelV.- Women as paradigm of human development cathartic transmutation of snake skin and soul of the woman, do you feel a certain metaphor in it?
AMM.- Well, you know, the viewpoint precedes the object, and I am a woman, I can not help that view and I say yes, transmute is the perfect metaphor. skin change, recycling memory, drop to create new ...

ERdelV.- Women as paradigm, as a catharsis of human development. There is also the imago of verse, that transcendental that is looming suddenly. Have you lived?
AMM.- Yes, many times the image is floating in the words, that foresee is the crux of the poetic subject.

ERdelV.- This collection of poems is, it can be said re-written with earlier poems Do you think that overcomes the above?
AMM.- Indeed, this collection is a selection of poems that I have written over 18 years, until now. I do not know if outperforms I did not include perhaps a book with the others do. In the end what makes endure a poem is the resonance in readers of different generations, acts of memory in relief that make each time you read it, it can not be calculated in advance. It is the first book I'll post, I've only published in journals of Art and Literature.

ERdelV.- have here an excerpt from the poem The game vacuum that struck me about fashion, not only, I confess, I do not want you to explain because it is difficult and it never does, but tell me about what evolves into thereof.
The vacuum causes the hand. Hand awakens the skin.
The skin breaks out a parade of weavers
colliding with each other needles
illuminating the sky with a metal ardor.
AMM.- This poem speaks of the act of poetry, so come and impacts us and challenges us to fix its immensity.

ERdelV.- Ana. I tell you something. Looking for a poem for the anthology POINT 'G' I'm editing I found, thanks to your shipping this spring of a hard water, but clear and nutritious.
AMM.- Thank you, Ernesto, makes me happy that you like. I add something: when I say poets, I do gender distinction.

ERdelV.- The prologue as it has always been smaller than the poems. In this book is the force that lacks the prologue. And I'm not criticizing, just noting the loss of critical role in literature in general.
AMM.- Well, I dunno, but okay, that makes a prologue ...

ERdelV.- Well, personally I think it was short on literary allusions and wealth of the human nature poems mainly. But good work, that we will weather. I've interviewed unintentionally but I think it was necessary to resolve some anxieties and concerns.
AMM.- Thanks, Ernesto

Thanks for your time, it's been a beautiful journey around your poetic..

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